Kasper Munch


Applies population genomic analysis and modelling to understand the fundamental properties and mechanisms of selection, recombination, and speciation. Model organisms are mostly humans and other primates.

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Erik Fogh Sørensen

PhD student

Erik works on how intragenomic conflicts shape X chromosome evolution and development of hybrid incompatibilties between diverging populations.

Ariadna Saez Gomez


Ariadna works on identifying genomic elements responsible for strong selection on the X chromosome

Davide Capozzi


Davide works on the dynamics of meiotic drive and on identifying signature patterns in genetic diversity for its identification.

Former members

Tobias Røikjer

MSc student

Tobias works on a graph-based formulation of phase-type distributions to compute the joint distribution of total branch length of lineages with different numbers of descendants and to compute the joint distribution of the site frequency spectrum in both a single population and in an isolation -with-migration model.

Postdoc: David Castellano


David was funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark. He worked on distributions of fitness effects and the determinants of genetic variation across the genomes of great apes. David went on to do a postod with Donate Weghorn, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain.

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Jonas Berglund


Jonas worked on GC-biased gene conversion and stability of hotspots in birds. He went on to do a postdoc at Department of Ecology and Genetics, Evolutionary Biology in Uppsala

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